Whether you’re reading a book or watching a movie, the lead-up to the climax is just as important as the climax itself. This is also the difference between a great festival and an amazing one! To that end, we’re proud to announce: WARMups!

WARMups will be a series of events leading up to the big weekend, every 2nd Sunday between June and August. The events are free and open to the public, featuring live music, Indy Food Vendors, Riverboat concerts, and especially wellness — including dance, fitness, biking, and/or any other number of outdoor outfitter activities.

Each unique family-friendly WARMup will put the focus back on stewardship of Broad Ripple Park, the White River, and our community’s Health & Wellness.

Use the links below for more information on past and upcoming WARMups.

June WARMups | July WARMups | August WARMups

Keep an eye locked on our Event page or on our Facebook page for continued updates on all future WARMups!

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