August 12, 2014 6:10 PM

VIP & Corporate Cabana

WARMfest Cabana

Two things we can be certain of:
• Festival Culture in the U.S. is growing steadily.
• Connecting with clients gets more difficult with each passing year.

Why not use the one to resolve the other?

Festivals are a great way to entertain clients and friends. They provide a more relaxed setting where you can better know your potential partners or deepen existing relationships. VIP/Corporate Cabanas not only align your company or brand with our Mission — the promotion and restoration of the White River to a recreational and visually-appealing natural resource — it would also give you that extra edge when competing for business. VIP/Corporate cabanas are also a great way to say “Thank you” to your business partners or for driving up retention of your current client list.

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WARMfest cabanas provide comfortable and private settings to entertain guests and family while enjoying the festival. Each cabana will offer a park placement that offers unique views of the river, stages and festivities. You can schedule meet-ups and rendezvous times with your clients between artist performances. There are many ways a cabana can be used to maximize your brand’s reach while being a contributing part of the success of WARMfest.

VIP/Corporate Cabanas At-a-Glance

• Tented sites with convertible walls, seating/furniture, and fenced yards.
• 10 credentials to share with clients, guests and friends. (Credentials are transferable and allow you to invite new guests each day.)
• Cabanas will be stocked with coolers of bottled water on ice and other amenities.
Festival tickets sold separately.

»» Grab your VIP/Corporate Cabanas for WARMfest Here. »»

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