May 20, 2014 9:43 PM

Sponsorship Opportunities


Music remains the preeminent culture-defining taste-maker of our Age, a direct and immediate connection with peoples across multiple demographics. This is something Europe has known for decades: festivals and Youth Culture go hand-in-hand. But we’re catching up, Stateside, and the sudden surge here in the States has been welcomed by consumers with open arms. More importantly, brand-name association is not considered an encroachment of one’s scene—it’s expected!

Over 10,000 attended the inaugural WARMfest, and excitement is mounting over what 2014 will bring the festival. That means that WARMfest provides a unique opportunity to connect with a focused and receptive national audience who have been localized into a single, immediately accessible location; who are already engaged in the WARMfest experience; and who, by the very nature of the WARMfest, have been targeted. Many engagement levels are available.

Our creative sponsorship and marketing team will work directly with you to create a unique promotional, marketing and display package that best suits your company’s needs. Click here to start a conversation with us!

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