July 26, 2014 7:58 PM

Broad Ripple Music Fest Once Again to be Held in Broad Ripple Park as Part of WARMfest 2014

Broad Ripple Music Fest (BRMF)

Broad Ripple Music Fest (BRMF) —

— the well-trusted veteran in the local music scene, has once again added to the landscape of WARMfest.

Instead of invading Broad Ripple’s bars, clubs and record stores, the 8th annual Broad Ripple Music Fest will take place at WARMfest, August 29-September 1 in Broad Ripple Park. Same as last year, BRMF is neither merging nor disappearing — it’s taking place at WARMfest by presenting the local music and DJ components of the event.

“I’m extremely excited to make BRMF 2014 take place at this year’s WARMfest,” says BRMF founding team member and a WARMfest director, Jack Shepler. “this year’s WARMfest is exceptional, with lots of solid local talent that I would recommend to anyone, anywhere.”

Shepler has deep rooted ties with the DJ community, having promoted hundreds of successful DJ nights at various clubs in Indy and with over a decade of promoting local music under his belt.

BRMF’s mission of promoting local, original live music has guided booking efforts for WARMfest stages, including Jason Aaron Coonz, Megan Maudlin, Bashiri Asad, Freddie Bunz & Friends, Sugar Moon Rabbit, Kid Quill, Coolidge, & The Twin Cats; as well as bringing regional dance-rock sensations, GHOSTHOUSE, back to Indiana. BRMF also brings a stable of DJ talent to WARMfest, including: DJ Topspeed, A-Squared DJs, Action Jackson, Kyle Long, DJ Steady B, the Jones Love Affair, DJ Stroblé, the AYOKAY DEEJAYs, Cadillac G, DJ Matt Allen, Sinclair Wheeler, and DJ Iron Lion.

The Broad Ripple Music Fest will make 2015 announcements in the coming months, and their support for and contribution to WARMfest goes unchanged. If anything, it has grown exponentially!

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